Mat d. and the Profane Saints



We are currently at work in the studio on a brand new full length album titled "The Mercy Road"  




Our latest album HOLYOKE was released on March 4, 2014.  You may purchase it on CD from us warehouse direct here

The album is also available for download on,,, CD and


 "Holyoke is, apparently, the seventh release from Mat D and the Profane Saints, and if those other records are anywhere near as good as this one, it’s a crying shame that the world at large isn’t familiar with these guys yet. It’s time for that to change. Country, Americana, Southern rock, call it what you want to call it. I’ll just call it badass." Fred Phillips

"(MAT D) has the lyrical talent to convey the darkness that lies in a man’s fiber. Real shit that people wrestle with. Mat D touches on these subjects artfully and with the finesse of an old campfire troubadour. Seriously. I’m saying this now, you are CHEATING your music library and kind of failing as a fan of our genre if you don’t have any of his music. - Chris Richburg Fuck Yeah Alt Country Boys

 "Mat D's voice isn't going to find him trying out for American Idol anytime soon. It's not that he's pitchy (dawg), but he sings like he recently chased a Brillo pad with a double-shot of something off the bottom shelf at a rural route dive." - Farce the

"(HOLYOKE) unapologetic in it’s delivery, Mat D’s vocal jumps out of the speakers taking no prisoners and the instruments play loud in an attempt to reign him in – turn it up loud and let yourself be transported to a raucous roadhouse of dubious repute somewhere of a dusty blacktop (I’ll be in the corner, trying to look inconspicuous)" - Simon, Beat Surrender UK

"Nashville could well take a note from this band. I’d put this up against anything that the Music City is pumping out right now. HOLYOKE will be another jewel in my record collection and I’d highly recommend that you make it a part of yours as well...Ten out Ten stars" - CJ Plain Final Cut Radio/Music God Reviews

"I saw lead singer Mat deRiso’s voice described as having “recently chased a Brillo pad with a double-shot of something off the bottom shelf at a rural route dive.” While that may be accurate, it’s really evidence his focus for these songs is the words and delivery – rather than his voice – in order to share with us the “beauty” that exists within the difficult days we all experience. Mat D is kind of a bad boy… but not in the popped collar, wallet chain that touches the floor, or even wearing his knickerbockers below the knee – type way. Instead, he sings about the lives of murderers, thieves, and the hard living regular folks – which, according to Mat D., are not really that different. If you are looking for genericana – this is not it. Mat D and the Profane Saints tell it like it is and don’t hold anything back. If you are looking for some authenticity to add to your playlist – you should take a look at this track, this new album, or even this band generally". - Duane Doobie Music Editor / Radio

"The Profane Saints release their best album yet - The resulting sound is a strong cocktail that’s two part roots rock, another part honky-tonk country with a dash of explicit lyrics -- explicit for content rather than profanity. Shake and drink it up." - Kay Kemmet Sioux City Journal / Weekender

"Holyoke" is a down-to-earth album. Mat deRiso, the lead singer of the group, described the band's music as "a mixture of rock, blues and country," and this album doesn't disappoint. If anything, it exemplifies what a mixture of these three genres sounds like at its best, and it does so without unnecessary frills or additions. There's no need for them. It's pure, in its sound and lyrics, just the way it is - Kate Padilla the Spencer Reporter