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In light of the recent school shooting, "In God's Name" has become overwhelming. Thanks for this!
Wow. You've come a long way since Stigmata. I love it.
Gettin pretty damn long in the tooth but might just hobble off to S.D. with my walker to catch a show. Truely you are the best band I have heard in years. Its a pleasure that I have been given the time and circumstances to find and love your music. Thank you indeed. Ted Newbury
Thanks for your music! Cheers from Ukraine! ;)
Matt, Kurt and the boys: It was great hearing you guys play again over the July 4th weekend in Sioux City. Nice duo show Friday night at the Conservatory of Music and full band show at Saturday in the Park on Sat. Looking forward to your set here at Jazzfest in Sioux Falls as well! See you soon!! Steve Zastrow- White Wall Sessions
Yeehaah, please come to germany!
Jeff, thanks so much man. Really appreciate the kind comments.
Really loving the new album guys. Very original stuff. Thank you.
What an incredible show at the Vangarde Arts Center last night for Mat D & the Profane Saints. Having seen this band as much as possible since arriving in Sioux City I can only say that last night's show was truly one for the books. I really like how Mat started in his solo stuff and moved to the old & new stuff with the Profane Saints. I see more drive & conviction in Mat's eyes than ever and he is right to be proud of the recent commercial success of his music, he's worked his intellectual ass off creating this music. His voice is seasoned and his control was amazing as he'd go from the trademark guttural growls to the long impeccable higher notes that he'd hold way beyond where you think he could and not falter one iota. The new songs? Forget about it, a blind man could see perfectly with the imagery that is getting laid down. "Holyoke"? A whole movie is waiting to be made to the sound of this song. "Arcadia Town"? You're along for the ride with and you can feel the breeze as the brilliant backing by the Profane Saints plays beautifully off the lyrics like a ricochet in a canyon. This band gets better and better, even when I thought they were at their pinnacle a few years back, they push the roof up again. Kurt was incredibly slick and quick last night on the leads and licks. He NEVER disappoints. Jeff's drums were tribal clockwork, executing everywhere splash & crash when it was needed most. And Shaun "Juice" Blomberg, who can forget him? He looked a bit like a deer in the headlights at the start but by the time the show was rolling in highball gear, he looked as comfortable as anyone else on stage...sounded great...must be the PANTS. Really people, if you're sitting on the fence with this band, I don't hold much hope for you... what DO you like??? I've been going to concerts and club shows for nearly 40 years and I'll put this band and their music up against ANYONE with an honest talent. I love em to death and am truly grateful for their effort, it's a joy in my life.
April - thanks so much for coming out to the gig. We are very happy to hear you liked what you heard! Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon!
I enjoyed your show SO MUCH at Old Skoolz last Saturday. It was a pleasure meeting you and the band, and I am so excited that you will be back in SF next year! I can't wait to rock with you guys again, and I promise I will be able to sing along, as I am going to purchase some songs! Keep up the good work!
I just wanted to post an update for anyone who checks out our guestbook posts... Our new bassist - Shawn - is working out beautifully. He is adding a new vibe to our band that I'm certain will help define our music in the near (and far) future. The album is in the process of being mixed now, and will sent out for mastering soon. I'm very excited for all of you to hear our new album and our new bassist. I'm certain that you will all agree that it was worth the wait... Thank you all very much for keeping the faith. See you all soon... Kurt Mullins - Guitarist for the Profane Saints!
Yes, Brett we have. His name is Shawn and we've begun rehearsals in prep for live appearances as soon as we are all ready! Thanks for the kind comments. We really appreciate them.
Did I hear it right that you guys got a new bassist? I want info man! The new song kicks serious ass!
Let me say that You are a very sexy singer. My girlfriends and I listened to you at Braco last friday. Very soulful music. Saw a wedding ring so I did not want to bother you in person. Will look forward to seeing you again. Love the voice Matt D and so much more XOXO Sandra
This is one of the best bands I have heard ever Keep up the good work Matt D and crew
I just downloaded everything you had at Noise Trade after hearing your Broken Hymns record Where has this band been all my life? You guys are so good! Thank you for such amazing music.
Brett - We are in no way form or fashion broken up. We had one member leave the band by his choice and have been diligently working on our new album "Holyoke" since October of 2012. That work continues. The core of the band (Jeff, Kurt and Myself) are very much together and have no intention of stopping. We have plans to hire a bass player once recording has wrapped to continue to perform in any capacity we are able. The Profane Saints are very much alive and well. Look for our new CD this fall.
I heard a nasty rumor you were broken up. I really hope not! Are we ever going to hear a new CD?
Thanks Melissa! We are making big progress on Holyoke and should have it released by Fall 2013. Thanks for your message.
Happy to see one of my favorite bands is still going strong. When does the new CD come out?
Yes "Curious?" You can email me your information at Thanks for the inquiry.
A ways back I read you boys are looking for a new bassist. Is that still the case? Where do I send you my private info? I would love to have a shot at it. Played in blues and country bands for over 25 years and I love your music.
Sir Jeff, if I had a £1 for every time I have heard that I'd be a very rich Englishman indeed. Very much looking forward to the CD.
Kevin, thank you for the kind and supportive comments. We're very close to being done with recording - then it's just a matter of mixing and mastering. We'd love to play in the UK sometime. Until then, our best to you (and Tony as well)!
Real happy to hear the band is still going strong. We would sure love to see you overseas sometime. Regards and best of luck to you all. dirt town is a favorite of mine and I share your music with friends often. Excited for the new record. Kevin Blair UK
Great band! Love the music boys! Keep Rawkin!
I love this band. Keep rockin'
Happy Thanksgiving Matt D and crew thankfull for the good music.
Nice job this past weekend at Ol Skools. I will watch for future shows. Good luck.
I cannot say enough about this band and the impact it's music has had on me. I'm an aspiring drummer and have been playing in cover bands for years. Your music and specifically your rhythm section inspires me to write my own music and do what you're doing. I practice along to your music all the time and I don't know how Jeff does what he does and Bob is the man. I love Mats voice and Kurt really rock it too. I love it all. Although I live in Alabama I hope to see you perform live someday even if I need to travel to you. Peace brothers! I am really excited for new stuff.
Rich- Thanks so much for your message! Best of luck to you and your music.
Mat: My name is Rich, and I am a singer-songwriter from Detroit, MI. I just wanted to stop by here to sign your guestbook and just let you know that you are a huge influence. I really admire the emotion in your songs and depth of your lyrics. My personal favorites are Dead in New Orleans and Metropolicana, but, and I sincerely mean this, I haven't heard a song of yours that I haven't loved. Please keep it up. If you are interested, check out a few of my songs at Send me an email and let me know what you think if you get a chance: - Rich
Got my copy of Plank Road Drag in the mail Saturday. I'm going to wear this thing out. Great CD guys.
I stopped by and read your new update and I think it says a lot about a band when they are willing to spend the time and energy producing something worth while. You guys have a shit ton of integrity for lack of a better term. Can't wait to hear the record. I applaud you all.
@Tony - You can have your local/chain record store order them through Super D Distribution, however it's much easier to get physical CDs via or Thank you! @Christy - We'd love to come back very soon- no plans yet. Thanks everyone for your support. It means so much to me and the band!!! - Mat D.
I heard you for the first time today on the radio. Great music. Where can I buy your cds? Are they in stores?
Any plans to visit Omaha again soon?
awesome music!
I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the new songs youve posted on youtube Quality stuff Kurt knows how to operate that fender Been a long time fan for a while now keep it up.
INCREDIBLE show in Omaha!!! Love your stuff! Thank You!
Thank you for making your way down to Omaha. You guys are one of the best bands I've seen at the Sydney and I've seen a bunch. rhythm section tighter than hell, guitar playing thats sets the bar, you shredd man!!! and Matt, man! you can howl as well as you sing. I've been playing your Dirt Town disc nonstop since Saturday. I hope to see you in Omaha again. Rock on.
"Forever Grateful" - Thank you for sharing your story with me and the band. You have touched me with your words of encouragement and reconciliation. I wish you and your daughter the very best your lives; your message is a monumental blessing to me. Much appreciation. Knowing that I played a small part in your reunion brings joy to my heart. Blessings and prosperity to you as well. You did not include an email address with your post, if you desire to contact me in private do not hesitate you can reach me at
I'm not a computer guy but I wanted to send you this message to say I am forever grateful to you. I hope it finds you. A few months ago I came across your music and heard your song Ford Marriage and your song touched me. Many years ago I fell in love with a girl from my hometown of Boulder Colorado we were togethr for a few short months but my poor choices and bad prioritys tore us apart. She left me without a word or any way to contact her friends later told me she gave birth to a baby girl years later and I was devasted. I dont know why I never chased after her but times were hard then and my drug abuse had taken hold. Years passed and I never stopped thinking about my baby girl. I was very fortunate to change my lifestyle and find myself through the years but I never stopped wondering what happened to her. After discovering your song I was inspired to find my daughter and I'm very happy to say that after 35 years we have been reunited as father and daughter and I have never been happier Your music played a big part in my search and has brought life to me again. Thank you Matthew I am forever grateful. God bless you and the band.
Wow. Fell in love with your voice at Bracco. Your music deserves an audience! One of the very best we've had here at the Lake. Peace!
It's real cool to hear your a judge on the Cinderella showcase but I think you guys smoke all the rest of them bands playing for it. they should have just hired you!!! you done the sewer proud Matt
Yes, we appreciate your comments and support so very much! We cannot do this without your support and it means so much to us to hear such great feedback from our friends and fans...the best is yet to come everyone!
Sorry to stalker post, but I've been listening to Dirt Town City Limits non-stop since Biker Nights. Weird thing is I wasn't even supposed to be at the show and it was a fluke that I was even there. Been asking around about you guys and I found out Sioux City was your hometown something that struck me weird is I haven't heard hardly any bands worth a damn from Sioux City since Tommy Bolin made it big. I predict you all will be next if you keep putting out music like this. Man Matt D you can SING dude and your whole band just ROCKS!!! Can't wait to see you guys again I be sure to say hi.
these kind, encouraging comments mean the world to us. thank you all!
Holy hell this band rocks!
I swear guys, you're one gig away from becoming a huge band. Don't give up. Tons of us love your music and are invested in your sucess. Long live the Profain Saints
This is an amazing band with amazing music. I'm very excited for the next CD. Cheers.
I Loved both bands this weekend at Boonies, but you guys need a better venue in Sioux Falls. I think you'd fit well at the Vault. It's air conditioned for starters.
Thouroughly enjoyed you show on Friday. A crying shame the house wasn't packed. Thank you for playing and performing like it was a sold out show. Cannot wait for the new record to come out. Bless you all.
good show at Boonies. I liked the Filter Kings a lot. It was hotter than hell in there, tjhough. Wish I could have stuck around longer.
Do you know what I think is messed up? I go to a club and see two of the greatest local bands the filter kings and Matt d and hardly anyone shows up. 9 times out of 10 I can go to the same club and see the shittiest cover band playing the same shitty songs that every thousandth shitty cover band played worse the night before. Sioux city needs to pull their heads out of their ass and lessen up before we lose talent like this. These guys are a cut above all the rest.
Thanks for the kind comments all. Brett- Promissary Road was inspired by the County Line bar in Regal Minnesota, other than that it's ficticious, as well as In God's Name- based on a story I wrote in my head about a preacher that kills a parishoner that slept with his wife...Thanks for listening.
Hi Matt, been spinning one of your older discs Mercifull 66 and I keep listening to Prommissary Road and In Gods Name. Are these songs true stories or made up? I guess what I'm asking is what are the stories behind the music? I really like this album it's one of my most favorite of yours that I have and I'm not an acoustic guy, I'm more metal. Good stuff bro.
Very happy to have seen you all at Rib Fest. Love what you guys are doing. Hope to catch you again soon. Rock on.
Sure liked your set at Rib Festival. Great Music
You wguys blew us away Saturday night at Ribfest. Never even knew who you were and come to find out you've been around South Dakota for awhile now. Been missing out! You guitarist played some hot country licks and you got a great voice. Whole family enjoyed it very much. We got our moneys worth. Good luck.
I was lucky enough to have seen all of the bands this past weekend at rib fest in Sioux Falls and I'm delighted to have been introduced to you all. You were one of the best acts I saw all weekend and Mister D has a golden set of pipes on him. Loved your sound but I still can't put my finger on it. Best of luck to all you wonderful outlaw rockers
You write some of the best songs I've heard in the Sioux Falls area for a long time. Thank you for sharing.
So are you guys going to release this new CD or what??? This girl needs some new saints!
This is not only one of the best bands to ever emerge from Sioux City but one of the very best I've heard. Good rocking country like no one else. Peace.
I'm based out of Casper Wyoming. I work in sales and catch shows when I'm able. I hope to make your March 9 show in Sioux Falls.
Thanks Bill! Crash is the best- glad you you're liking what you hear. Where are you traveling from if you don't mind me asking?
Never had this happen before, but I'm driving in my car today traveling through Sx Falls and I'm tuning into this station and I hear this seriously hip song about New Orleans. This guy named Crash mentions this Matt D guy and his Saints. (New Orleans Saints, I dig it) Checked into tmy motel in Windom, MN and after about 45 minutes of searching I find you here. Im officially a Fan for life guys. I Love the sound. Super cool.
This is some of the best indie Americana I've heard in a decade. Fresh, original and inventive. Plank Road is a big fave. I'm glad to hear you're putting out a new disc. I'll be sure to watch for it. Great stuff.
Wow. Thanks everyone. We appreciate your kind comments. Keep them coming...
My friend Michael turned me on to your music. This is the future of American roots rock. Brilliant writing and musicianship. Your guitarist knows his shit. I kneel! Best of luck to you all even though you don't need it. We'd love to host you in Colorado sometime.
That is one thing I have against you guys. You hardly ever play Sioux City. I feel as though I have a better chance seeing a show in Sioux Falls or Omaha with this band than I do at home. I and a lot of folks really would enjoy seeing you play more around Sioux City. We have so few really good bands around here and your one of the very few. You left a big gap when you stopped playing here. We miss you.
I was in Sioux City for a quick 48 hrs. I told my family, "If Mat D is playing I'm ditching you guys for a few hours to see my favoriate Sioux City band." Unfortunately, no gigs were posted and I'll have to wait a few more months to enjoy your music in person. Until them, I'm sharing your amazing writing and music with EVERYONE! Keep writin' & rockin' Mr. Mat!
Through a series of strange and wonderful conversations your group kept coming up over much whiskey, coffee and good food. So, I finally get the chance to see what the fuss is all about and now I know why people are talking you up. You make great music and I've followed a few links to your vids out there too. Very nice indeed. I'd love to see you make it to the Rockies sometime in the very near future. Until then I will be an avid follower and promoter of your music. Mike Knowles Boulder, Colorado
Saw you boys for the first time with your act at Jazz fest and just heard you guys will be at Wiley's downtown - going to try and bring a dozen or so friends and coworkers to the show. You should have been on mainstage!!! Excited to hear you have a nnew CD coming too. You guys rock it hard! Thanks. I am a forever fan.
I can't wait for the new music! I am in love with this band!
On behalf of all of us, Thank You. we needed that.
The new song is off the fucking hook guys!
Love, love, love this man, and the band! Rock on Mat. Your music makes me happy!!!
WOW!.... Like what I se. Lightin" up.Love youGuys
Music that keeps the heart beating, gives the soul chills and keps the mind interested. Wonderful work men.
Naomi- thank you so much. Cool thing is- save a highschool friend and about 4 others I honestly thought Mitchell, SD was not really into it- you as well as a few others made the gig worth it.
So here I am traveling through South Dakota only to stumble upon a the little town of Mitchell. I had never seen the Corn Palace before so a girlfriend and I just happened to catch your performance on a complete whim. Wow, man! Are we glad we heard you. You've got a big sound for a guy and a guitar. Not usually my style of music but I fell in love with your voice. So as soon as we reached the hotel in St. Cloud we looked up your music online and bought everything we could find. You've been on the stereo ever since. sure am glad we saw the Corn Palace it was even beter seeing you. God bless.
What an exceptional voice you have Mat D. I am an instant fan.
We enjoyed your set Saturday afternoon in Boji. You are by far one of the best we have ever heard there. Your Johnny Cash covers were wonderful and it was nice to hear an artist present his original music so seamlessly with the more familiar songs you played. It was so different to hear your recordings with the band on your website! My girlfriends and I can't stop listening. Very enjoyable. Thank you for making it up here. We hope you come back soon.
Great music. I really like your "image" with the devil horns and halo. Very cool. Nice set at Jazz Fest. I'm enjoying getting more familiar with your work. Good luck to you all. Do you ever venture into Minnesota?
Damn! Caught your set at Jazzfest. What in the world were you men doing on second stage? I came and saw you right off, went back to catch the T-birds and thought I needed to catch the rest of your show so I headed back to the tent. I'm real glad I did. You've got some energy. Raw, real, honest energy. Gutsy, gutsy stuff. Dirt Town has not left my CD player since I bought it. You boys seem to be a well kept secret. People need to let the secret out. We hope to see you again real soon.
I've got to say you're one big hairy bearded piece of hotness. I heart you Matt D
I agree with everything brian said with one exception I don't hear a lot of country. I hear early rock n roll in shades of blue I just happened to be stopping in for a beer at the star bar and stayed for your whole set we would love to see you again up here in the cities really enjoyed the acoustic stuff nice voice great band
I came out to Latitude 44 and saw you and your band briefly with a few friends. I was left with one conclusion: I have no idea why you guys aren't playing arenas on a national stage. You are without a doubt one of the best country rock acts I've seen in Sioux Falls. Top honors friends. I'm enjoying your Dirt Town CD very much.
I wish I had good news for you Andy, but I don't. Their were 250 copies of Small Town Burning in print and we sold out in 2007. With Brand New Faith we pressed 300 and they went out of print in 2009 as well as the remaining 500 copies of Gasoline Rattle in 2010. I have no additional copies on hand. Send me an email through the contact page and I'll send you some free swag if you like. Sorry man.
I've been looking for copies of small town burning, brand new faith and gasoline rattle but can't find the physical cds anywhere. Do you guys still sell those albums or have any that I can purchase direct? I'm sort of a collector and would like top have your entire catalog. Any hope?
I had heard plenty about you on the radio and papers and such around Sioux Falls for years but didn't catch your act until last night. It's great to see a regional/local band that has the talent to match people like Wayne Hancock and Bob Wayne with something original to offer. You're a departure from anything else we have around here and that is a good thing. Not only do you have one of the sexiest voices I've ever heard the whole band from drums, bass and guitar were over the top. You're a favorite for around here. Hope to see and hear more of you very soon.
Thanks Steve, much appreciation. Either I (solo) or the band should be heading east in September- maybe Illinois would be a great stop on the way to or back from NY. We'll be in touch! Thanks!
I heard your music on WWHP "The Whip" Farmer City Illinois and HAD to have your CD Dirt Town City Limits.,,,So, I bought it! Can't wait to get it. If you go on tour, you would have good response here in Central Illinois. I am an Upright Bass player in a Western Swing Band (Caffeine Patrol) and if you need any help finding gigs let me know. The Castle Theatre in Bloomington IL is a great venue, as well as many around Champaign IL. Thanks for the great music!
You huys put on one hell of a show Saturday night! Glad I get to catch you in Rapid next weekend. Don't know if you remember meeting me, I was the bald guy that shook your hand as soon as you got off stage. Wow man. Been a long time since I heard original music with balls! Enjoyed meeting you and your crew. You've got some great people working for you. All the best Matt D and Saints. I will display my Cooler proudly!
Benjamin - Thank you for the note. It's messages like yours and many others from our wonderful and dedicated fans that keep us going. It means so much. Should be in NYC in Fall 2011 either solo or with the band in tow. We'll keep you posted when the East Coast is in sight.
Man, you guys can play it. Here's hoping for a successful tour this spring. I noted you played with John Hiatt (one of my favorites). Please let your fans know how we can support you--Mat D and the Profane Saints should be a national band. You've got the entire package: music, graphics and fan contact. Let us know how we can buy merch to support the band's efforts (on the East Coast). From perspective you're BETTER than Springeteen and working with Hiatt is great validation.
Can't wait to see you boys on tour! Going to be taking in a few South Dakota dates for sure! Hell Yeah!
Absolutely love your music and have every album. We need you to tour out here in CO, people will love you.
Well,, a site that reviews singer/songwriters / americana / roots, reviewed your cd and placed forty watt moon on their spotify playlist. Thats where i heard it and allso bought the album a week later. Still playing it alot!
Wow. Thanks for the great compliments! Katy and did you hear about us?
You're my newest favorite band of all time! Please please please come down to Austin!
Come to Europe sometime soon guys! Love plank road drag, superb! Greetings from the Netherlands!
Matt is very good-looking Nicki and is so very sexy when he sings but my vote goes to the drummer Jeff. He's that thirty-something rugged=HOT! Irresistable!Sorry Mat. This girl likes Jeff, the drummer.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you my man are as beautiful as they come! 4ever yours! Get your butts out to Boise, I want a photo with you. Luv U 4 ever Nicki
Keep up the great work, Mat. Your stuff just keeps getting better and better!
Just downloaded Plank Road Drag today. Superb! Hope you'll book some shows in the Mid-Atlantic in 2011. Great stuff and I'd love to see it performed live.
Matt D, you are without a doubt one of the sexiest men in music. Your wife is a very lucky girl and I am eternaly jealous. Ford Marraige is one of the most wonderful songs I've ever heard. Rarely does a man's voice move me like yours has. Your music makes me want to do bad things!!! Luv U 4 ever, Nicki
Hi! :)
Thanks to Kelley for bringing me to Meet Virginia to see you play! Love the music!
I enjoyed reading the reviews about Mat and the Saints. It is great to see others appreciate the craftmanship and literary value of Mat's stories. We all have a bit of the Americana Experience in us somewhere, Mat just brings it into focus.
For those that missed the 10.22 Mat D & Co. show at "Meet Virginia"... what the hell were you thinkin? This was one of those nights where some magic happened. Old favorites... current hits and future legends all in one night! "Plank Road Drag" is still red hot and Mat deftly pulls a future rabbit or two out of his hat to wet our appetites for the next CD. The addition of Laura on the fiddle added delicate and mournful deliciousness to the gut punching ballads. Lets hope this is another road we get to travel with Mat. The future is bright indeed. Good luck!
Thanks to everyone who supports us and makes it out to the shows...Great to have some new fans posting on here as well. If you've bought a CD or downloaded an Mp3 from us THANK YOU! Much appreciation to all of you. Mat D.
I listen to hard rock and some metal- Pantera,Metallica,Slayer etc. I was stunned to hear his kind of music excellent,excellent,excellent! Keep up the great work Matd and the profane saints
You, by far have one of THE BEST male voices I have EVER heard, and your not bad to look at either!!! Thanks for making a Rapid City girl's night. COME BACK SOON!!!
I HEARD YOU ON THE RADIO!! WOW! B102.7 is now my official FAVORITE STATION, as long as they keep playing Mat D and the Profane Saints!
gess #%$& me, just gave it a- good listen, hope someone is listen-in
Hi Matt! i know you because i know your beautiful mama! Happy trails to you; as your journey on the road that you are on, has found a place for you that has some great reaping in the seeds you have sown! Best to you, and it is an honor to know you because i know your sweet and honest and fiesty mom! what a great lady that you call, "mom".....remember; you can't change which ship carried you and which canal safely brought you to the dock! ;)
Papa Chester is sooo proud of you boys! AMAZING WORK! GREAT JOB! KEEP GOING!
Mat & Kurt, nice show tonight at "Meet Virginia" (and also Laura & Josh!). I can now say "I was there!" at the official CD release party of "Plank Road Drag". Even though I was there, I SWEAR I never gave Curt any coffee... By the way, why does Kurt spell his name with K instead of C like normal people? Ooops, guess I answered my own question! P.S. Twinkle Twinkle needs to go on the setlist...
Mat d. & kurt. Them basterd sons, sounded great again at the Cheasterfilds. My 2 dates had a orgasmic expierance.
I tried to get a free t-shirt out of the hot chick selling merch, but all she did was slap my face when I asked for a "freebie".... I don't think she got what I was asking for! Great set(s) at the Biker Show!! I had a great time. Great to see you guys again and to meet Mat. Keep in touch... Shemp P.S. - I still want a shirt!
Shanks for the GREAT TIME at the Phoenix! What wouldn't we do for this band?!
Mat D & The Profane Saints are cooler than a smoking ass monkey in a meat chair. Just being at the Phoenix last night and seeing you guys got me pulled over by the PO-LICE in Harrisburg... I told him if he didn't let me go with just a warning that the whole band would come out and kick his butt! He went over there looking for you guys, don't know if he found you or not.
Can't wait to see you guys on the 19th definitely stoked to see how big of a crowd you bring in this time! (see you soon Uncle Jeff :P)
shemp - you guys may have to cancel, last i heard they could only fit 4 full length mirrors on center stage. come early, we go on at six - that should give you almost enough time to primp.
Mat, I've been following you and your band since the nights you were playing in the window at Sweet Fanny's. You've got the best lyrics of anyone doing live music these days. Can't wait to hear the Plank Road CD. The swamps of Mississippi were once full of plank roads, it was how you got the timber out in the rainy season and how the oil drillers got to their rigs. Your music always hits-home for me.
Jeff mentioned some guy in a band full of pretty boys but he didn't want their mascara to run once he'd give notice...Biker Nights? it'll be a blast! Looking forward to it.
I see the 6-fingered man is back on guitar where he belongs, but you couldn't find anyone better than Birch to play bass? C'mon, really? I suppose if you have to follow that hack Deignan around his tempo changes than that probably makes sense. See you clowns at Awesome biker nights! Can't wait... JV
We can't wait to see the band at Biker Nights this year. You kick ass boys.
I agree 100% Hands down that was one of the best shows Denny and I have seen in a very long while. Excellent. Next time you are in our neck of the woods play like you did in your home town.
Okay, okay. You freaking did it guys! I cannot believe how well you brought it at the Chestefeld a few weeks back. Holy shit. Hands down one of the best raw energy I've seen in YEARS! Kicked the shit out of what you did in Sioux Falls with Coe. HELL YES. New bass player is the FUCKING MAN. As my old freind Mojo always says "Kooler than a witches titty in a steel bra" GO SAINTS!!! Keep playing like that and you boys are bound to make it big.
Chesterfield was AWESOME saturday night! Great energy, you guys played strong! The four of you are amazing musicians. Thanks again for the show and the "Betty Got Saved" revival personal fave : )
Thanks for the comments folks! We appreciate your feedback, honesty and support. Byron- we have good news for you. We've re-scheduled our show date in Harrisburg at the Phoenix for Friday June 11. Looking forward to seeing many of you there. We send all of you our sincere thanks and gratitude. -D.
Sad to hear you won't be in Harrisburg on the 14th. Will you be back in the area soon? Love the record.
I saw you kick it off for DAC. Best singer plus solid drummer and AWESOME guitar player really drove the music home. While the low end stayed pretty loose and muddy which I can only guess is what Denny and Missy are refferring to you guys fucking ROCKED. Bar none best local act I've seen in a decade or more. Not quite country, not quite southern rock but something new and LOUD. Going to bring a crowd to your next Sioux Falls show for sure. CD hasn't left my stereo since I bought it. Matt and co. KEEPIT UP!
Nice work at the Coe show boys. Caught you with Rev. Horton Heat a year or two back I agree with Missy we thought you sounded better with the Rev. but it was one hell of a good time. We'll be sure will catch you sometime soon, sad to hear Harrisburg was cancelled. We'll be watching for ya.
Cool to see you boys up in Soo Foo a week ago. I've heard you sound better in the past but it was great to see you're still holding strong. Your voice is better than ever Matt. My hats off to you boys.
Caught you last Fall at the Sioux River Folk Festival. Really great to hear you last night.. whatta voice and band. We had a good time! My girlfriend and I in the front-row treatseats! She has been wearing your signature t-shirt all day today (without the white hat).. hope to see you in the near future!!
Saw you last night in Sioux Falls. The show was great. We think you need to come play out in Rapid City..I know a great place for you to play..Thanks again for the great show...God Bles
Opening for David Allan Coe -- last night was sooooo perfect!! (Orpheum Theater-Sioux Falls SD) There is nothing more beautiful to the ears than words well said and a voice of passion...THANKS!! Love You'all
Saw you guys open for DAC last nite in Sioux Falls. Loved your songs and raw energy! Will be out of town when you come to the Phoenix Lounge other wise would definately be there to see you guys again! Now how about playing the Thirsty Duck in Sioux Falls?
Any chance on you fellas playing Biker Nights in the Sewer this year?
listened to you on line your a great band
Thanks for the listening on your home page. I'm Originally from Sioux City, living out in Topsail Beach,NC.You Have a great Sound Matt. Good to hear some Hometown-sounds. Grew up listening To Tommy Bolin and his Brother John. Keep up the Great Works!
Hey.........this is great. Thanks for the e-mails and updates. Howard and Cozy
Saw MDPS at the Chesterfield last night for the first time. Am I damn sorry I never heard them sooner! This band will WRING YOU OUT (hey, the next CD title?) and spend 10 cents worth of your sanity nickle. There was no ratcheting up for Mat & the Saints last night… oh no… they popped the clutch from the start and layed down a rubber road through a valley of bramble covered goodness. Tight like new shoes, every note drives home like a machine gun in a tunnel…it never misses. Do yourself a favor and when Mat d. & the Profane Saints are playing, get your hide to whatever joint they’re in and get jumpin’. At the end of the night if you don’t feel more alive than dead, you might wanna check your pulse.
Heard you for the first time in my life last night at the June E. Nylen Cancer Benefit show at the Chesterfield and I can say without reservation that I am now a fan for life. The last 15 years of my life were spent living in Atlanta, seeing about every artist possible in most of the clubs in that town but last night was the first time I ever felt like I was smacked upside the head with a musical 2x4. Just damn...
Matt, It was great fun doing the music club gig witcha. Love the disc, too.I bet the baby gets cuter each day (she doesn't look like you, does she? har-de-har). Check out jake shimabukura at central park doing while my guitar gently weeps and then his other live stuff (the g thing ?)on youtube. You will probably want to a. practice or b. cut off your fingers, at least that was my reaction. Maybe you already know about him but he is a mindblower. Also when you have about a hour watch the twelve part one world, one voice video that is posted on there. best of luck to you, t
Thanks Robin! Much appreciation!
Great job last night at the Bruce Hornsby concert. It was my introduction to hearing your music, and I've lived in Sioux City for 5 years! Where have I been!
I remember when I first heard Waylon Jennings in my younger days and the sound spoke to me. It's been over thirty years since, a lot of live, love , tears and triumphs but your music speaks to me like his did so long ago. Best of luck to all four of you. Continue the journey.
Goosebumps. Chills. I caught your music on the sixty one and had to hear more. Dead in New Orleans? My new favorite song of all time. I don't know if you have ever performed in NYC but you're the perfect fit. Bravo. I've purchased everythinbg I could find today at Cd baby. Getting the word out! Good luck!
Your CD has not left my player sice I bought it. INCREDIBLE music. Thank you. This is the best country I've heard in years.
Dude! I've listened to your stuff for awhile now and really dig it. Glad to see somebody could put Mullins back to work, no seriously, he's a killer gunslinger. I would love to have you guys play at the "Blue Room", Curt knows it well. Cherokee Iowa the birthplace of music.
Enjoying the music... will feature you on my show from time to time. Peace. Jayson Tanner Host/Producer The Wrecking Ball Radio Show
always happy to feature new bands on my americana/folk show, now featured as a syndicated show over 5 stations w/more to come. details on where to send promo material on the blog:
I LOVE THE CD!!!!! Dead in New Orleans, Los Motel de Maybelle, and Motel City Limits are my favorites ^_^ P.S. Love you, daddy =)
Caught your solo set at Virginia last night. Nice sound. Good Voice. Been Enjoying that Merciful 66 disc today. Best of luck.
Counting the days til the album goes live on iTunes boys. Great work from what I've heard. Nice write up on Hickory Wind. From what I've listened to Jimbo in Arizona is dead-on. Do you guys tour at all? It would be great to see y'all down south sometime Oklahoma City for me. Anyhow, bottoms up Profane Saints. This Oklahoma girl is in LOVE with your music. Rock on!
Your music is some of THE VERY BEST alt country my bleeding ears have heard in a very long time! Hallelujah Saints. I believe!
I attended the CD release show and was blown away. It's nice to see some top shelf musicians kick some ass on stage. I've been hooked ever since Ross n Rey spun your tunes on the airwaves and the whole record is killer from beginning to end. Keep up the good work Saints. I've got you on heavy rotation in the pick-up.
Matt, you have one of the most incredible rock n roll voices I have ever heard. A marriage of gravel and honey. Bad enough for an all nighter and sweet enough take home to momma. I'm in love with the new CD. So glad to have caught the show in Aberdeen. Come back to South Dakota soon! We miss you!
I've been around awhile and seldom have I seen a band like Mat D and The Profane Saints come in and kick some serious ass like they did on July 17th at The Sioux City Music Club. Mat stuck his chin out and dared the crowd to take a shot, the band kicked in and it was a FANTASTIC 2+ hours - you guys delivered! Amen, bro.
I miss Mr. D and the Saints, as we have not been able to come to a show in awhile, but I like the new look and sound! Papa Chester's proud of you.
Your lyrics paint such beautiful pictures, Mat. So glad to have discovered your music. Much admiration and respect.
Great sound.
You guys rock my world!
Snakes or No Snakes Elvis bit or no Elvis bit you all performed one of the best rock n roll shows I've seen in a very long time. Instant fan. Good luck to you all
You guys certainly kicked off the party right. Yes-we will have to do that again sometime. Thanks Corey. I enjoyed your performance too.
Great show guys! You are all very fine musicians. Thanks for letting Stealing Mercury be a part of it. Let's do it again soon!
Not only did I see one of the most kick ass shows in Sioux City history, but I walked away with a free cd and rubber snake you guys were unbelievably good PLAY MORE SHOWS!
Hey fellas. Great show Saturday. It was good to see you had a nice crowd.
Loved the snake handling tonight! What a fantastic show!
Brian- wishing both you and Lindsay success with the morning show! You're both great hosts and made me feel so welcome! Hope to jam with you onstage soon-bring your blues chops! Thanks again- Mat D.
Mat, thanks for doing the interview with us (Ross n' Rey) on Kool 99.5. You are truly a class act and I truly hope the very best for the you and the Saints. Hope to have you on the show again and again and again and... well, I think you get that you're always welcome on the show. I popped the CD's in and really enjoyed em! Maybe I'll jump in with you on stage sometime and play some sax with you and the band. Stay Kool and Keep Kickin' Brian Ross
You were sounding good on the radio yesterday. Really good voice Matt. I can't wait to see you live with the band this weekend. What inspired you to write that Road-Show Queen song?
WE are so happy for you! That was awesome news and we are very proud of you. God Bless you Mat and your family. Love ya! Aunt Sherryl
Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !
And what is about snake handling at the show?!
yes we are. no strings. no ploy. 100 free discs to the first hundred people we'll hand out the free CD tickets at 9pm
Are you really giving out free CDs on the 14th?
Al, we'll have a CD release at Nutty's North most likley in late spring, but nothing is booked yet. We've got to finish it first! After that look for us at a few cafes and clubs around Sioux Falls. Our fan base has been steadily growing there and the Argus Leader recently wrote that I was a "Sioux Falls Musician" I look to meeting you at a show soon. -D.
I enjoy your music. Do you ever plan on making it up to Sioux Falls soon?
Based on what I had heard from someone that despises this band I visited your site to hear how terrible you all were or to at least have a good laugh at your expense only to find that you guys kick some serious butt. Damn. I'm blown away by what you guys are doing. Rock on Profaine Saints.
I read about the award in the Weekender. Well done Matt. Enjoying the CD very much.
I think you are the best band that I've ever heard come out of little ol Sioux City. Happy 2009 boys.
I'm really looking forward to the show this weekend boys. No idea who Mrs. M is but you can sign my tits too if you rock it right I always have a marker on hand -wink-
it's been a long, long time since I was moved by a song the way I have been by Mudflap Mamma. Fantastic stuff Profaine Saints. Two thumbs up all the way. I hope to hear more from you guys very soon. If there is anything I can do to get you to El Paso, let me know. Mike Maxwell El Paso Texas
Cool. Thanks man! I hear a little Albert Lee or Mr. Telecaster on the leads and Mic Fleetwood on the drums. You sound a bit like Steve Earle and I mean that with the highest respect. Bought a few Mp3s today. I'll be enjoying them.
Thanks Doug, Heather and Ray - we're set to perform on December 20th in Sioux Falls, the info is available on our Calendar. As far as influences it varies from member to member. Lately I've been listening to Darrel Scott and Todd Snider. Kurt likes prog rock like RUSH, TOTO and some of the country shredders like Paisley and Urban. Bob seems to be the straight forward rock guy- I think his biggest influence would be Led Zep. As for Jeff- He digs ZZ Top, U2 and the Black Crowes if memory serves.
Never heard the band until Sunday night on Z98. Nice job. Hope to catch a show sometime. Who are your influences?
Boy, D...I just read some of your lyrics. You write some f'd up shit! cool.
I must say most independent groups that are off the main line country billbord charts don't really turn this jockey's ears, but I recently heard your tune about Lye Soap and Cigarettes on one our station's outlaw music shows and stopped by to find out more about the band H-O-L-Y S-H-I-T Your leadbetter song and mudflap mama kicked this cowboys ass!!! great music! rhythm section guitars and those vocals are out of this world Hope to her lots more from you friends. DJ Ray in TEXAS USA
great site boys - it's a plus that the music is even better.
LOVE the new look!
Really enjoy your singing Matt. Bob Larson, Matt Harrison, Scott Junod and I had a band years ago there in Sioux City (1977). Look forward to getting your CD.
Thanks for the great music, Mat. Hello from West Virginia.
Great show !
Awesome show... I think too many cervesas...forgot about the picture...can we book you for a private party (acoustic) sometime between Nov. 8th and 18th ?
Thanks for coming to the show! We appreciate all of your support. (Record merch sales!!!)
You guys are awesome!
AWESOME SHOW saturday night! Thanks so much!
I have never been to a better show in Sioux City than the one we got at the Chesterfield. Great show Matt D. We hope to see you again very soon.
All jokes aside, we are psyched for this show and are looking forward to our new Mat d. merch! have an official boob signer? who was that other guy? ; )
Bill... You are our official boob signer!
Sounds like someone will be signing boobs again
P.S. I am bringing a fresh package of sharpies. ; )
I am officially in count down mode for your October 25th show @ Chesterfield!
Kim- We appreciate the compliment. There are a TON of talented bands in the area and it's nice to know you like what you hear. If you're at the show on October 25th, introduce yourself to one of us and we'll shoot you some free merch. All the very best -D.
I actually found you guys through someone who didn't like your music and stopped by to hear how bad you were supposed to be. Boy were they off! LOVED The Ledbetter song. Very unique voice. I'm looking forward to hearing you live.
I heard a fucking great song on Americana Roots today courtesy of one Mr. Mat D so I bought the record. Nice sounds bro. Chris K. Tulsa Oklahoma
Hi Mat and Saints. I concur Stan. Gypsy Town is my fav off of the new cd too. Mat, didnt you say at folk fest that you wrote the song about Coney Island in NY. I just happened to read that they will be closing the park for good as of last weekends news report back east. It makes the song that much more true to life. My daughter enjoys the River Bed song. I can't remember the title off hand. The whole thing is wonderful. We're going to try and make the show in October if our work schedule allows.
Nothing to it Mat. I just show up and start typing. Gypsy Town is quickly becoming one of my new favorites.
You took the words right out of my mouth Stan the Man. Thanks for the plug. Wow. Blast from the past Bryce Wagner. Remember the experiment with dreadlocks back in the college days? Can you believe it's been almost 15 years? Hope you're doing well. All the best my friend.
Bryce- They've got about five for sale at iTunes and CD BABY that's where I've purchased mine anyway. Essential listening!
Your sound has really evolved since your stigmata days. Keep it up. Do you have a cd out?
Such a great voice, Matt. So honored to have seen you at the Folk Fest this year. You remind me so much of a guy I follow name Darrell Scott out of Nashville, TN. Check him out sometime, he's probably one of the most under-rated guys in music. Your lyrics, like Darrell's paint great pictures for the soul. Hope to see you live soon. Peace.
We thoroughly enjoyed the performance at the Sioux River Folk Festival! Please keep writing great songs and performing. Hope to see you there next year, maybe for a jam session!
It's refreshing to find that my favorite performer at this year's Sioux River Folk Fest lives only 50 miles away from my doorstep. So pleasently surprised by your warm smokey voice and spectacular songwriting. My daughter and I simply fell in love with your music this year and will treasure your new CD. Wishing you nothing but success with your music. Joan & Heather
Thanks Justin. Glad to hear we're on the airwaves down there in Abilene. I'll look forward to checking out the show some Saturday night soon. Thanks for dropping in. -D.
new to you but i love your music. i am from Texas and listen to Texas country. one of our local stations has a west Texas saturday night where all they play is Texas music and independant artist that is where i heard you at. anyway just wanted to say you rock. log on to on saturday nights and click the listen live, i think yall will like it.
I was happy to discover your music at and I heard a damn fine live track ! Sounding good. Best of luck to you all. Todd Sanders
Man! AWESOME band. Never heard of you before last weekend. That singer of yours has one hell of a voice and some big hair!!! Keep on rocking fellas. Great show.
You were all by far the best performers of the day today in Hawarden. Hats off to all of you.
Nice work on Gasoline Rattle - quickly becoming one of my new favorites. Glad to have heard of you.
Great music. Read about you at Americana Roots today and just downloaded about 20 songs or so. Loving it. Ever been to Oregon? We'd love to have you. Blessings.
I can't wait to see you at Folk Fest this year! Found out you were going to play it this year too! Too cool. Loved the Gasoline CD.
Matt D and the P. Saints rock. Especially the dude in the sunglasses in the picture above.
The spirit was move'in in the Chesterfield last night Mat d. and the Profane Saint w/ Snake Beard Jackson. What a show.. man.
Votre musique est magnifique. J'aime votre voix chantante. Bonnes chansons. Viendriez-vous jamais en Europe ? Nous aimerions vous avoir ici. Bonne chance ! Très rare trouver la musique comme le vôtre ici qui semble comme bon. Aimez-vous!
Your bass player fk'n blew me away Saturday Night! That man knows how to work it. Strange for an alt country band, but so cool Good times Saints, Good times.
Hey Matt D., Terry G here. Love your stuff-nice tunes.
You guys are AMAZING
I just wanted to tell you guys waht a great job you did at Nutty's with Quaker City this weekend. Your singers have such great voices and the band sounded great. I know I'm excited to see the four of you in Sioux Falls again soon.
I really love your style of music,i wish on your website i could listen to more of your music. Where can i get your tunes?
Hey man, was great to see y'all up in Sioux falls last night. sounded great looking forward to the 29th.
Great songs, man. You have a nice Texas feel to your music. Some of the greatest independent stuff to find my ears in a long time. Keep up the great work.
Highway 49 is the driveway to my home in Mississippi. It's amazing that you can write such meaningful songs about that place and live in Iowa. You must have some kind of Transendental Transportation device in your "haid".
Thanks Alana Z! Much appreciation and all the best to you in NY. -D and the Saints
I throw my virtual bra at your feet. Fucking great stuff! I expect to see you touring with Lucinda Williams in a couple years and to hear you on Sirius satellite's Outlaw Country station. Please send a demo to The Living Room in NYC and get a gig there so we can see you live. p.s.: I found you by pure accident on now I am telling the whole music scene in Williamsburg Brooklyn.
Great stuff Saints! That dark and sexy religious rock n' roll is doing the trick. I'm looking forward to March 29th. Happy 2008.
Very good songwriting. Refreshing and honest. Personal favorite is Dead in New Orleans. Hope you go far. Best to you all from NYC. Gary
Caught a few tracks from the Gasoline CD - terrific songwriting and vocals. Jim has you pegged with the Earle reference, and you certainly do out-sing him! Looking forward to more music. Great stuff. Brandon Urldahl - Bismark, ND
You've got a golden set of pipes brother! Rock on Profane Saints, Rock on! Kyle Travis
Wow. I feel powerful! Grrrrrr.
Yeah... That's probably the best compliment there is...
mat - if you delete vicky's post i'll quit the band.
No nice way to put this. Your voice makes me wet. Love, love, love your songs. Vik.
Hi Matt D and Band I heard your song Lye Soap Cigarettes and Gasoline on the AmericanaRoots Review podcast and I've been in love with your music ever since . Your vocals are stellar to say the least and your bands sound is ever so spiritually charged and cool Wishing you all much sucess and more great music
I'm getting anxious for that new record guys. Happy Holidays.
Thanks for the free music, Giving and handsome to boot! Works for me!
Hello Profane Saints. I found you while browsing the halls at and I just luv, luv, luv the free stuff. You know how to make a kitten feel special. I'll be your Mudflap Momma anytime. Lily.
I just discovered your music on, Great stuff guys! Lye Soap, Cigarettes and Gasoline get's my vote for coolest song title of all time. Keep Rocking! Jimmy Brown
Enjoyed your show the other night! Good music to shake it to. Hope you'll be playing again soon!
Thanks Tracy, Phil and Steven. We appreciate your kind comments and your support. All the very best to you and yours. Mat d.
Hey, Matt D. and the Saints. Just purchased your EP online and all I can say is INCREDIBLE! Top notch songwriting and some good lyricism to boot. Keep up the good work guys.
I enjoyed your take on your Cash covers last night. Very cool! Love the record.
You have a most amazing gift. Your voice is hauntingly beautiful. I can't wait to hear you with the band. xoxo Tracy
Loved the show Saturday Night. You have a way of inspiring this girl to as you say 'shake it'
Ha! Tell that Handsome devil of yours to get to the studio and get to work!!! We'll do the same!
Thanks Tom... You know if basses were just much smaller I wouldn't look so short... Or if I were just taller!!!
Thanks Tom- much appreciation and gratitude for your kind words!
Tommy likey, Tommy want wingy. You guys have something great together. You are a rare gem in this neck of the woods, or crack in the ass if you will. If you ever need a taller bass player, I'm your man. Kurt, you sound great, bass as bass should be. Thanks again.
Yeah! I get to see you again in Sioux Falls! My boyfriend and I thought you were the best at Newton Hills, we can't wait to hear you with the full band!
Thank you Shelly and Taylor, we appreciate the kind words and your support.
Good set on Friday night. I liked the new CD. Good Luck.
Loved you on Fourth Street last night Your voice is amazing to say the least Best band I've heard there so far this year Great Job!
Thanks for saying so George. Best wishes to you and yours.
I live in Bristol. It's about 165 km West of London. I read about you on bluesbunny. Great music blokes.
Thanks George. We appreciate the kind comments and your support. Just curious-what part of the UK are you from?
I recently read about you all over here in the UK and was very pleased with your latest CD. Well worth the wait! Cheers Matt and band. George Krimper
Hi Chris... I think you are the guy responsible for teaching me to play the drum intro to "Billion Dollar Babies". Good to hear from you.
hey chris! how could i forget the guy who turned me on to kiss, alice cooper and the the new york dolls? the guy who actually had a drumset...and let me play 'em! good hearing from you. drop me a line.
Old buddy from Jeff and Kurt's Jr High days. Wondering if you even remember me. Glad to see you are still jammin. Wishing you all the best
I'm so proud of you!!!
I'd love to hear you guys cover some James McMurtry. Your music reminds me of him and Hayes Carll. Ever heard of them? You sound like your all from Texas. I was surprised to find out your from the midwest. Cheers.
Great Music. Thanks for Sharing.
I recently discovered your music online and I'm very impressed by what I hear. You wear your influences on your sleeves, but you have a unique and powerful voice unlike any I've heard, and your sense of rhythm and pure energy are incredible. I'll be keeping my eyes and ears on the four of you. Any chance you'll be traveling down towards Oklahoma City one of these days? We're always in need of good rock n country down here. xoxo Sarah
Cool version of Cash's Ring of Fire last Saturday. My girlfriend and I enjoyed your set.
Wow! What a great voice! Keep it down and dirty boys, just the way us country girls like it!
Looking forward to hearing the new stuff. I dig the groove of Austin Texas. Very Cool.
Great sound. Keep up the good work.
Downloaded some of your stuff and I've been enjoying it immensly. Heard you on the University of Texas Radio. Great Music. Keep at it. Ross Timmons Austin, TX
I love to go down to the schoolyard while I'm listening to the Mat d. and the Profane Saints and watch all the little children jump up and down and run around yelling and screaming...They don't know I'm only using blanks. Greg Smith
hey joe! i guess mat only responds to the ladies, eh? i just wanted to let you know your kind words and support mean the world to us. thanks for stopping by!
Thank you Faye! We appreciate the kind words and your support.
Mat D and the Profane Saints- I just received a copy of Brand New Faith in the mail today from CD Baby and your music took my breath away. 'Bound for Glory' moved me to tears and your song 'Betty Got Saved' was such a joy to listen to. I wish you luck and much success. Faye Wilson Portland, OR
Great Songs. Some of the most original Alt. Country this Midwestern boy has heard in a long time. You've done Sioux City proud.
Thanks J. Hearing that from you means a lot. You're probably one most discerning listeners of music I know of. Thank you very much for the support. We're hoping to break into 'God's Country' soon! I hope you and your family are well. _D
Just got Brand New Faith in the mail and I'm really impressed with how your sound's been progressing. I've got the rest of the EP's and this one really kicks it up a notch.
chris, thank you for the kind words and support!
Heard you gus on Nine Bullets. Very cool sound you have there. Bought the EP today on CD Baby. Best of luck to you all. Chris Nelson Las Vegas, Nevada
I couldn't agree more with Mark. Your show was absolutly the best show by any Sioux City band I've ever seen. Your vocals are out of this world. See you around Saints!
Thanks Mark. Your support is very much appreciated. All the best-Mat.
Matt, and all the Saints. I love the new EP. Lye Soap, cigarettes, and Gasoline should be catapulted to the top some official music list. One of those list's would be mine. I tell everyone to hear this CD. Support this band! Peace and Successful Blessings! Mark
I did WHAT?
i don't know jim, to me it looks like i just slammed my john-thomas in a car door....for the SECOND time.
Nice Drum Face Jeff! I LOVE IT!
You guys are the best band I've ever heard come out of Sioux City. I love the new disc. Keep it coming.
One more drink and heaven will be calling and I don't care if the sky starts falling 'cause I feel free, with my GOD in a bottle in me. -Mike Knott
You're no Robert Zimmerman, but you rock the fucking bells man. Very cool indeed.
I can't wait to see you four in action. God Bless the Profane Saints!
Fabulous show at the Riverwalk last weekend, you made the whole event worth while. I'm crazy about your sound. Hope to see you back up in Sioux Falls soon.
Love your stuff
You rock pretty hard for a 'folk' guy! Heard many good things about your gig at the Lava Lounge here in SooFoo, good luck on the 19th
geez...ain't that an ancient lo-fi thing...Thanks!
music soothes the savage soul.... how true when i listen to your cd drugstore it every time i hear it.
Mat, Thanks for adding the link to I'll put one to your site on my site within the next few weeks when I get back to updating the website. Hope to see you up here this summer for one of the concerts, but, if not, we'll try to make it down to Sioux City for one of yours. Gary
Thanks to everyone for the support and the kind comments, not only is it refreshing but much appreciated by myself and the band. Get out there and support all local and independent music! -Mat d.
Great Alt. Country Sound Best Music I've heard come out of Iowa in 20+ Years Hope you go Far Rick Morris
Thanks. Just like the syle. You're a very talented dude. "Betty Got saved" sounds really good, I'll have to pick up the cd when it's available online seeing as I live in Texas and probably won't be able to make it up there to a show anytime soon. We'd love to have you down in Austin. Keep Rocking Dan Waltrip
Thanks! I do all of the band's Artwork, I've been employed and worked freeleance as a commercial artist since 1996. (My real job!) Our website is through Hostbaby which speciallizes in helping independent artists on the web. Our website was designed by Chris Vincent with Passive Digressive out of Goddard Kansas You can contact him -
Who's your artist/Web Designer? Your Site and cover art are incredible. -Dan
Found your band on Shine On Me is one of the best songs I've heard in years very reminiscent of Hayes Carll and early Earle. You all are amazing. Much luck and good fortune to the Profane Saints. Jen
I like your take on a very traditional style of rock and americana with inventive and very non-tradtional lyrics the majority of your music is very blues based and simple but so very well done rare these days I wish you and your band good luck.
This Truck Makes More $$$ Rocks hard! GREAT SONG
Jeff Deignan!? Too funny! I fell off my chair! Too cool fellasa, too cool. -John
I'm proud of you honey!! Your new stuff is awesome. I can't wait to put it on permanent rotation in the Bonne.
We're happy to announce that we're less than a month away from releasing our new 5 song EP featuring tracks from the upcoming album "Drive Thru Romance"...should have some new raw mixes in the music section before the night is over. Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement.
Thought you were at Fanny's tonight, however I was sadly informed it was not to be I'll just have to wait until Cinco de Mayo! Viva el D!
Can't wait for your new CD! I know it will be way cool! Old CD will be #2 and new CD will be #1 in my 6 disc changer! Love the attitude adjustment the songs give me when I listen to them!
Fab bike logo are the rumors about you four in Sturgis true? looking forward to catching a show sometime this summer
Glad to have met you today. You're very down to earth and easy going Not what I expected of the typical musician My wife and I enjoy the hell out of you guys see you around
are we going to see Sioux City's most incredible band THE PROFANE SAINTS in Sioux Falls anytime soon??? We miss you!
Great show at the Chesterfield.
Great stuff. Why aren't you in Nashville handsome??? Get down here and conquer Nash-Vegas!
Heard Shine On Me at Great sounds! Who mizes an old Sunday shool hymn with Americana? You do! Too cool
“I hate a song that makes you think that you are not any good. I hate a song that makes you think that you are just born to lose. Bound to lose. No good to nobody. No good for nothing. Because you are too old or too young or too fat or too slim or too ugly or too this or too that.” -Woody Guthrie Keep writing music that fills people's imagination and soul. The music you're making now moves people and inspires them. Never become the person who sings about hate, jelousy and anger. Never become a person that needs to tear others down to build themselves up. Much Peace and Love... John.
Love the new tunes gimme more!!!
Just to Clarify-my comments are meant in the spirit of praise and admiration. I love what you do.
Heard you the other night at the Chesterfield. You sounded great! I can't wait to hear you with the rest of your band. I don't know what 'a fan' and 'howard' are talking about...I haven't heard anyone around here that sounds like you guys. Keep it up!
Just got home from seeing you at the Chesterfield and all I can say is wow! Beautiful voice and guitar all night longAll the very best and more to you Matt D -Dianne
you guys have breathed new life into the rock scene around her. Thanks.
You rocked the house at Fannies last nite Good energy rare to see a band so together on everything Kelly was amazing Can't wait to see you guys again sometime
Nice to see at least one local band in Sioux City putting out music we can be proud of. You all are top notch in my book and put every band in town to shame. Get out there and put Siouxland on the map.
read the new lyrics damn! cool shit
love the site most original local stuff i've ever heard excited for the 24th
Like the new songs good luck
A friend told me about you guys and I bought your CD online dig the song 'Full Gospel Motel' waiting for the new CD and spreading the word about you all good luck David
really like the sound good job on Saturday love the CD
Wow! Music and Philosophy. And I want to say is Hi Mat d! Loved your band up here in SooFoo last weekend Great Sound and you all are very beautiful and great artists in this girl's opinion! Ciao
You guys are HOT! Loved you at the Lava Lounge come back soon XOXOXO
I'd give a box of slim jims.
slim jim nelson has mighty fine ears...i'd personally give a weeks pay to hear some pedal steel on some of our tunes. thanks for the kind words!
my buddy jim told me to check you guys out not bad at all seeing as you're not from the south (!) prefer your new songs to the older stuff come down to Texas and eat some real BBQ
the sound ain't new, but it sure is fresh . Best of luck to you boys you've got something real fine here wish you all the very best of luck love the guitar and voice on 'Lye Soap' I'd love to hear some pedal steel on your stuff
We'd love to!
Come play Austin PLEASE!
Checked out the new song this morning and all I have to say is DAMN! Can't wait for the new CD
loved your set at Sweet Fannys your voice is awesome
"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great." -Mark Twain
Glad to see the rest of the world is catching on Cool Write up at Ninebullets
Bound for Glory is incredible!!! Thanks Guys!
love the music. great voice. all the best.
Thanks...just glad to hear you're supporting local music.
you are the most original and talented group of artists I've ever seen perform locally in Sioux City you guys rock! can't wait to see you again
Love the new look... K
Can't read what I typed as you have white lettering on pale yellow. Or I am getting blind at my age. Love your music Mat! Gigi Mom
All of you guys ROCK OUT LOUD!!!!!!
Check out our new song in the music section...Enjoy!
New Live Recordings are available in the Music section of the website...Download away! Enjoy!
Happy New Year 2007!
as always you are so good with words... your daughter has the most musical both look like angels....all the best and keep on keepin on
our baby girl is home and is doing well...thanks to everyone who has sent their thoughts and prayers our way! -d.
Congrats to the d and Molly, who did most of the work!! Gabby has a baby sister! Hallelujah! Bob
happy birthday little girl...
the d-man...once again proving to the world he still has the jam. congrats on baby-d!
Does have a nice ring to it, eh?
If you were in Canada, would your music be considered Canadacana? Live Long and Prosper! Bob
I just went to CD Baby and bought both CD's I suggest anyone who gets on this website to do the same the CDs are worth it Just go to Music and listen to the songs and if you do not go to CD Baby and buy the CD's then you should not be on a music website
great website, great article, great story, etc. but most importantly great music I was at that same Bob Dylan concert. Congrats and good luck
this might be the best place on earth!
Woo Hoo!!! Love the new site. Hope you had a good show Saturday :)
Nice job... although to save my fingers from cramping up from the painful affliction of carpal tunnel syndrome you could have named your website Thank God for bookmarks. K
I have to leave a comment...I'm your wife. the new site baby...I was wondering why you were up at 3 in the morning sitting on the computer


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