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All hail the Hippie Boy! (A shameless plug for a hardworking man)

The Saints wish to thank Chris Radloff and his lovely wife for doing such a great job on the new promo photos. Chris runs Hippie Boy Design - a booming web design and photography company here in Sioux City. Not only did he break us into a truck yard on a Sunday afternoon in the rain for some shots with a classic white freightliner, he also captured what we feel are some damn cool photos of three guys with faces for radio and made us look as good as humanly possible- with the help of photo-shop of course. (The fourth and only exception was Jeff, who looked quite dapper in his clothes-pin tie and vest. Why the hell didn't we put him out in front???) And, even though he couldn't seem to get a smile out of Mat (who swears he was smiling the whole time) We'd like to direct you to his site in case anyone of our readers needs a professional or personal website and/or professional photography (and kick ass senior pics from what we're told) to give this long haired friend of ours a call. Visit Chris at You'll be glad you did.


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