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an update on "Holyoke"....

Continuing our work from last week - we've wrapped "Holyoke"as well as completing all guitar and bass parts on "Carry Me to Canaan" while still continuing percussion work on "Eastbound Denver Train." Next up for this week's session are "Roadhouse Shrine" and "Arcadia Town" - we've also opted to add one more track to the album for a total of 11.  The track listing so far:

Half Mile Holler, Tin Can Soul, Sawmill Road, Gambling Girls and Guns, Red Ball, Roadhouse Shrine, Carry Me to Canaan, Dirt Road to Hell, Holyoke, Arcadia Town and Eastbound Denver Train.

Stay Tuned for more news and thanks for your support.  After this week's sessions we are more than half done with principle tracking...We're getting close!


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