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Drive Thru Romance...the new album in Concept and Design

MyIMGHost - Free Image Hosting Highways. Blue Plate Specials. Quickies in the Backseat of a rusty old car...lost love, and Gasoline. I never meant to write a concept album of any sort, but it seems that lately, after reading over the lyrics for the new album that I may have indeed done just that. The title "Drive Thru Romance" is taken from the opening line of the first song "Lye Soap,Cigarettes and Gasoline", and I wanted to use it because I thought it sounded ruggedly authentic in what I was going for as far as a dark, moody theme, but again, after going over the lyrics and listening to what we've been working on together as of late, it seems perfectly suited for a dark ride down America's back roads of old time religion, superstition, redemption and personal revival. The album finds the band refining it's roots rock/Americana style all the while drawing from Insurgent Country, Folk and Blues influences to make some of the best music we've collectively worked on. What I've compiled here is are the stories behind the 12 songs to be included on the album to give those interested an idea of what we're accomplishing. 1.Lye Soap, Cigarettes and Gasoline... The record opens with a jolt of rockabilly fueled roots rock in the backseat of a highway serial killer's car...the song speaks from the killer's point of view "Her luck ran out in Omaha, I left her at a rundown dive motel" The character in the song keeps picking up freakish and easy women along the road, praying to his bobble head Jesus doll and concealing the evidence when he's had his fun. "I put Jesus on the dashboard, said me a prayer then I hooked up with another broad" The character has broken down to the three essentials of his existence...The lye soap to wash away the women, the cigarettes to calm his nerves, and the Gasoline that not only fuels the engine, but helps burn away the bodies. "Lye Soap Cigarettes and Gasoline, good Lord I've broken down to give the devil he's due pretty mamma, then come on home and you can give the rest to me." 2.Shine On Me... A long bluesy rant from the trailer parks, truck stops, and bedrooms of white trash America. From the "Doomsday preachers at Topless double features" to the "Trannies at the truck stops putting on their make-up"...This song not only celebrates the fringe of this great land of ours, but also steals a line from a familiar Sunday School hymn, supplying a redemptive silver lining in the dark, out of view and fringe elements from the saved and the lost of 21st century America. Whether it's the devil dying his hair blonde, or Judas heading to Vegas to find a little soul...salvation is found when we all let our lights shine. AMEN. 3.This Truck Makes more $$$ After Midnight... While on a road trip up to visit my parents in Minnesota, I was traveling behind a Semi Truck with the message stuck to the back of his trailer reading "ATTENTION: This Truck Makes More $$$ After Midnight"...I was inspired to write a song about a trucker driving somewhere between Heaven and Hell, crossing the yellow line between damnation and paradise..."If the Good Lord makes me holy, he's going to wash away my sin...I'm going back into Hell until I don't feel well and then I'm flying up to Heaven again"...only later did I discover that the phrase holds multiple meanings in the trucking business, from bootlegging, hauling illegal drugs, prostitution and riding on the back roads and rural highways to avoid the Department of Trucking...I think I got the point...this has quickly become a band favorite. 4.Bound for Glory... In the summer of 2006, Jeff, Kurt and I were sitting on the back porch and recalling our old part time jobs from highschool and younger, more innocent times. Jeff told me about a motel that doubled as the greyhound bus stop in Sioux City called the "Bus Stop Motel" If memory serves. He got a job cleaning up and helping out when he was needed...He said "...the place smelled like stale piss and broken dreams.." That's what inspired me to write this one. It's about being at your lowest point, but realizing that someday, beyond hope and circumstance, you'll find peace and redemption. "Follow me to the old railroad station, lay me down at the end of my this train is still bound for glory, despite all of our rambling ways..." I was heavily inspired by Woody Guthrie on this one...I wanted to convey my faith and belief in the fact that indeed, despite struggle and hard times...we're all "Bound for Glory". Thanks Mr. Guthrie. 5.Resurrection Boulevard...Let's face it, what kind of album could you have without a kick ass dirty Gospel song...? "Resurrection Boulevard" combines gospel sentiments, with cold hard insurgent country rock n' rhythm...think of it as a scene form a mythological Armageddon...when the saints and sinners rise from the grave to reclaim the boulevard from the living...Unread Gospel? WHY THE HELL NOT!? "I've got a hussie with a halo she's been treating me fine, we're gonna ride that Mother F**her to the end of the line...they say that train , train, train is glory bound..." Irreverent and yet uplifting...this song not only speaks of resurrection, forbidden love, lust and faith, but manages to tear the roof off of your inhibitions. Hallelujah...pass the bottle. 6 Austin Texas Roadshow Queen... "I'm going down to Austin Texas, gonna find myself a Roadshow Queen" A fantasy trip down south to find an exotic woman while rambling with the devil, in the midst of finding that old time religion to "cure what's ailing me" I've always enjoyed the music from Mississippi Hill Country... Artists like R.L. Burnside, Watermelon Slim and Jimbo Mathus have inspired me in recent years, as well as acoustic blues master Guy Davis...this is my song celebrating tattooed women, sin and salvation on the road down south. As blue as the state allows.... 7.Betty Got Saved.. My song to the eternal spirit of the pin-up doll Betty Page. After posing for controversial S&M pictorials and gracing the covers of the undergorund and leading men's magazines...Betty Page found Jesus, and turned traded her fishnets, rubber balls and feathers for a life of Bible tracts and modesty. "Now that Betty's gone to Jesus that poor devil's gonna break down and Cry..." The dark side lost a fallen angel...heaven welcomed a prodigal daughter back...and the world will never be the same. Betty Page will always remain an icon of sexuality, scandal and freedom from the stiff necked, straight laced and conservative times that led to the sexual's hoping I've done her justice with this number. 8. Roadside Revival... "they've got a Neon Cross flaking on the highway..." States the opening line of the irreverent "Roadside Revival"...a shout to the big tent religious revivals of the early 20th century with a pagan and sinful slant...from the "waitress in the pink dress swinging with a vengeance" to the "newborn devil dancing in the fire" this rocking' blues offering features not only a classic feel and sound reminiscent of Howlin' Wolf and Willie Dixon with lyrical inspiration from Dylan and Lou Reed...but conveys a message of salvation through sin...A lover becomes redemption in the backseat on the side of the road...heaven is attained on earth...revival is found at the roadside with passion's release "before I die...I'm gonna find survival...our Roadside Revival" Instead of a big tent and lusty preachers, it's a congregation of two in a big black "straight six miracle sent to us from heaven above". Salvation never felt so good. 9. American Eulogy... "All night travel plazas shine their spirit the unread soul crusaders passing by...they're calling them to join that sinner's rendevous, while America the beautiful lays down to die..." A moody, dark and dreary song about the state of the Union, beyond political and social parties and sentiments combined with a personal editorial of sorts. This country will die in some way form or fashion...let's face it...countries do circumstances. We either roll with the punches or meet our destruction. This song represents a mythical eulogy of sorts for the end. Referring to America the beautiful as a weathered and wounded lover, crawling "across the blood stained, cracked linoleum towards the glory of it all" Religious imagery held together by death and despair.. Delusional visions of greatness from a dive bar..."Until the day we find America the beautiful outside the gates of hell". I'm looking forward to collaborating with Damien from Mt.Suzuki on this one...should end up sounding unlike anything you've heard from us. 10.North Star... I wrote this one for my wife. In 2003, reflecting on the death of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan was quoted a s saying "John was the North Star, you could guide your ship by him"...that's how I feel about Molly Marie - my Irish fireball, my lover, my friend and confidant in good times and bad. Molly and I met each other at the perfect time, each of us with our tarnished halos and unique heartaches. It's amazing what love, understanding and friendship can do for the soul. I've written and re-written this song 3 or 4 times to try to convey my feelings for this remarkable woman that I share my life with, it's certainly proven one of the most difficult and time consuming songs I've ever had the privilege of writing...hopefully, I'll be able to show the world what I feel for the love of my life. I love you will always be my "North Star".. 11.Sanctified...When the Profane Saints reformed as a full time band, we were lucky enough to find the perfect guitarist to round out our new line-up. Kelli Johnson wrote this blistering blues rock monster and sings it with enough conviction and raw power to raise the dead. This song got it's beginning in Kelli's band the Rhythm Jacks, and we're proud to carry the torch and keep the fire burning...this one is bound to be one of the best cuts off of the album...Hell, it's the best song I never wrote...I'm certainly glad Kelli did! 12.City By the Sea The band needed a grassroots, raw and punk driven folk anthem...and this is it. City by the Sea closes the album with a classic folk ditty about Mermaids that run off with the devil, angels that lose their wings and that lost paradise for a wandering soul known simply as "The City By the Sea"...this one has quickly become a crowd favorite at live shows and displays a light, worry free side of the new line-up. We had fun on this one and it's not hard to hear! Equal parts Guthrie and the Replacements or The Drop Kick Murphys and Pete Seeger rolling down the dusty streets towards pay's our offering to the cannons of American folk music. AMEN. So there you have it...Drive Thru Romance, We can't wait to take you for a ride! We'll post new mixes and recordings ASAP...stay tuned and check in on us at Now go rest your eyes.


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