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Final Cut Radio gives Holyoke 10 out of 10 stars!!!

Chris Plain a.k.a "The Music God" on Final Cut Radio gave Holyoke a shining review recently - here's what Mr. Plain had to say:


Every once in a while, you discover an artist so amazing, you struggle putting into words just how much their music means to you. Mat D & The Profane Saints are one such artist. I discovered them last year while searching for new music on the website, Mat D had posted his music on there and I was instantly a fan upon hearing the first tune. His almost Tom Waits meets Steve Earle approach was brilliant. Since that time, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him, as well as interviewing him for my radio show.

With the release of the new record, featuring the full band, comes another chapter in this storyteller’s career. Holyoke is finally here and I was honored to receive an early copy. The album starts with the stark sounding “Half Mile Holler“, showcasing Mat’s vocals and haunting acoustic guitar. This song is songwriting in it’s purest and most potent form. Lyrically, Tom Waits would be proud to sing a tune like this. “Tin Can Soul” is an upbeat tune with thumping bassline and cool drums.

“Gambling, Girls, and Guns” is a song that I first seen in a video from CXCW that Mat posted on his facebook a number of months back. I knew immediately then that it had HIT written all over it. I’m happy that the band hasn’t tinkered much with that arrangement, adding only a slight bassline that works perfectly. “Carry Me To Canaan” is a song that is back with a new arrangement. It works, as well. “Roadhouse Shrine” also gets the full band treatment here with an update that really shines. the band lays a sort of Bryan Setzer/Chris Isaak vibe to it that I’d describe as Voodoo Americana. “Arcadia Town” also has that ‘Voodoo’ vibe to it. It’d be a damn fine tune for someone like Steve Earle or Dave Alvin to cover. The title track has a wicked bassline that really drives the song behind Mat’s vocals/lyrics.

“Aces In A Dead Man’s Hand” has a definite Southwestern feel to it. This is one of those late night driving tunes. “Eastbound Denver Train” is another tune that I could see as a late night driving tune. The album end with the haunting tune “Dirt Road To Hell.” It’s another tune that is showcased by Mat’s amazing vocals and a slight acoustic guitar before an amazing solo by Kurt Mullins takes the tune to a new level. I had extremely high expectations for this record and the band exceeded every single one of them. New bass player Shawn Blomberg is very good and fits into the band well. the band sounds as tight as any I’ve ever heard. They play like this might be the last chance they ever get to record a song. There’s not a bad note on this album, the lyrics are breathtaking, and the production is razor sharp. It sounds absolutely huge on my surround sound speakers.

Nashville could well take a note from this band. I’d put this up against anything that the Music City is pumping out right now. This will be another jewel in my record collection and I’d highly recommend that you make it a part of yours as well. Hell, get the whole collection from the band. Cuz honestly, if you can listen to this and NOT like it, I might have to rethink out friendship.

Rating : 10+ (only because I can’t rate it higher)

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