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Gasoline Rattle named top release at

In Fall of 2007, Mat d. and bandmate / producer Kurt Mullins set out to record an acoustic demo for promotional purposes. Instrumentation was kept to the bare minimum using only guitar, fretless bass and mandolin. After completing the sessions they felt the music was strong enough as a full blown acoustic release. The album "Gasoline Rattle" has been released as a precursor to "Drive Thru Romance" and will be available to the public on December 14th. Jim Pipkin, an accomplished performing musician and songwriter from Arizona, a highly respected member of the Americana community, esteemed member of the Americana Music Association and contributor to has awarded "Gasoline Rattle" as the one his 4 top releases of 2007 at! Here's what Jim had to say: Mat d. - Gasoline Rattle - Released in a bar called Sweet Fanny's, a Sioux City hangout whose crowd would eat most of the Americana posers out there today alive. Mat's songs are funny, crusty, dirty glimpses into an America out beyond the strip malls. All writers hate to be categorized or compared, but in some ways Mat reminds me of a young Steve Earle, with a more powerful set of pipes. The subjects of his songs flash by like memories of a road trip, with recurring themes of faith, cynicism, and finding what love the world throws at us. One lyric describing a lover hit me, from the tune Midway Babylon: "The years they had not been too kind, but a ramblin' boy like me don't mind." Don't take my word for it, go and hear this guy! Thanks, Jim. We're very honored you chose our little "demo" to be at the top of your list! To hear Jim's Music and learn more about Sour Mash for the Soul visit


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