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Holyoke, the new album : A letter to our fans and supporters

In late 2011, as we came off of our first regional tour; Mat had two albums worth of material written for two distinct albums.  The first, titled “Roadhouse Shrine” was to feature the band, with the second project titled “Holyoke” to be a follow up to 2010’s “Plank Road Drag”  Ten demos were written for Holyoke with the thought that it would feature an extension of the same style of music featured on Plank Road Drag but with drums and percussion added into the mix.  As 2011 drew to a close, it became clear that during the first recording sessions that things weren’t proceeding as planned.  The music was changing.  Arrangements and songs were being tossed around  and progress came to a  screeching halt.  As our performance schedule began in the new year, it became clear that during the rehearsals the songs were taking on a life of their own, and plans for a solo album slowly but surely became plans for a Profane Saints record.  Songs were re-written, re-arranged, tossed to the side, resurrected and revamped between shows.  We had become a different band, the music had changed, the way we had played the songs had changed, unfortunately, the old recordings we’d been working on had not,  which led us to realize we needed to start from scratch.  We needed to do things better.  The music deserved it.  So after several rehearsals and a few  spirited and productive conversations it was decided that we needed to re-record everything.   Nothing we had recorded would work.  With 60-70% of the album complete we were going back to the beginning.  A hard decision, but a necessary one.  We started over.

 We are happy to report that we’ve updated and rebuilt our studio from the ground up.  The sounds we have are nothing less than impeccable and it will be well worth the extra effort in getting this thing complete.  We had  hoped to have something released by now and we thank all of you for your patience and understanding.  If this process has done anything it’s made us a better band with an indefinably new sound and new vision for the future…one thing is certain: You have never heard the Profane Saints sound like this.  Our arrangements, our playing and the songs have taken on a new life and are setting the bar for everything that is yet to come.  We can’t wait to release it, and are working hard to make it ready for all of our dedicated fans, for without you we would be nothing.  Thank you for your support.  When  Mat D and the Profane Saints hit the stage again, we will have a new album for sale.

 See you all soon.  We will keep you updated frequently and often.

 Mat D and the Profane Saints

 Mathew deRiso, Jeff Deignan, Kurt Mullins and Bob Birch


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