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New Year...New Look...New Music.

The website has a new 'darker' look...we like it and we hope you do too, it's all tied into the the theme of the next album, which so far is sounding far superior to the first. More focus and more energy. 3 songs are pretty much complete for the new album 'drive thru romance'...we're thinking there will be 12 songs on this one...(for samples of what we've completed so far, visit the music section!) The songs have more of a definitve sound to them and we've been very happy with the result so far. Jeff and Kurt are laying down some seriously infectious grooves, and Kelli is adding a new found focus and rougher edge in the guitar department, as well as supplying some great songwriting skills-with stellar vocals to boot. We should have a couple more ready this month and we're looking forward to giving you all a preview. Until then...take care and stay well.


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