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I've been writing a ton over the last few weeks and it's feeling great. I'll be posting some new demos soon (when I have the time...) Got a ballad called "Betty Got Saved" based on the Notorious Betty Page, "Roadside Revival"..along bluesy rant that will soon feature Kelli Johnson on lead vocals- "Bankrupt Soul" which ties in with some Sioux City landmarks from the past and present and few of Kelli's songs that he's given me some freedom with. All in all, February has been very rewarding and I'm very thankful to everyone who have supported our shows, collective and solo in the last few months. Among these are the Tera, Bob, Chuck, Kaitlyn, Brooke, Benny, Dead Man's Hand, 66 Crush, Mt. Suzuki, the Kelly Quinn Band, and too many others to mention. We greatly appreciate your support.


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