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Recording Update

We've got a few songs for the new album complete. "Lye Soap Cigarettes and Gasoline" is done as well as "Bound for Glory" and both are available in streaming audio on the website 24/7. We started production on "This Truck makes more $$$ After Midnight" and so far so good-this one has some serious stank to it as Jeff puts it, so be on the look out for a raw preview soon! We've also begun recording new tracks on "Rambling Mary Jane Walker" and "Sideshow" for Small Town Burning Revisited. We're very pleased with the sound so far and Kelli's doing a great job on lead. We'll be starting on a few new songs including some of Kelli's work in the next few weeks including "Sanctified" , "Austin Texas Roadshow Queen" and "Resurrection Blvd" Look for the new album to be released in mid May or early June if all goes well. Stay tuned for more previews and more updates on the progress from the studio.


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