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The new EP..."Broken Hymns and Ballads of the Roadhouse Shrine"

We're pleased to announce the upcoming release of "Broken Hymns and Ballads of the Roadhouse Shrine" an EP featuring recordings from Mat D's home studio. Stripped down to acoustic guitar and vocals, "Broken Hymns..." is a collection of six new songs in a live/unplugged setting, similar to the sound of Mat's solo performances, showcasing alternate arrangements of songs included on the Profane Saints' upcoming album "Holyoke" as well as new, unreleased solo material. "I've enjoyed the work of established artists releasing recordings with nothing but an acoustic guitar and vocals; so when I started working on home demos I had the idea of simply releasing them with minimal instrumentation for fans to check out and enjoy as a sort of live B-side/acoustic sessions to show them what we're working on and the direction the new songs are headed." The album will be available in digital format as a free download to fans. "My plan is to fully develop most or all of these songs in the future, and seeing as three of them are already slated for release with the band my thought was to just put it out there for free to anyone who wanted them." The album is scheduled to drop in a matter of days, and will be available through multiple internet platforms or via direct email from the band's official website.


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