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Update August 2010

Thanks to every single one of you who helped support the band and our music in 2010. "Dirt Town City Limits" is still generating a fair amount of buzz in national and international Americana airwaves and we couldn't be more pleased with the response we've received so far. What has been even more surprising is the response to Mat’s latest album "Plank Road Drag" which has been tremendous to say the least. It means so much to us as a songwriters and performers to hear such positive feedback. Without the support of the roots music community's writers, bloggers, radio stations and reviewers it's continued success would not be possible. We'd like to thank Jim Pipkin, Baron Lane, Bryan Childs, Brian Ross, Sam Burrish and so many of you who have lent an ear and sounded off. Good or bad, I feel I have some of the most loyal and dedicated fans a performer could have. Without you good folks spreading the word and turning new listeners on to our music we'd be another indie group lost in the crowd. I appreciate you all to no end.

With that said, many of you I'm sure have heard that our bassist Bob Birch is having some health concerns and we've had to tentatively cancel the Profane Saints entire Fall 2010 performance schedule. Bob is such an integral part of the group and we wouldn't feel right performing without him. So while he's on the mend, Kurt, Jeff and I along with help from a few friends will be performing in support of "Plank Road Drag" with a focus on my solo material from the last few years. We're in the process of assembling a performance group known billed as ‘Mat D. (original, we know!) with the core of the band being Jeff on percussion, Kurt on five stringed fretless bass and Mat on guitar and vocals. As far as additional instruments; we'd like to include harmonica, pedal steel, mandolin, fiddle and banjo- emphasizing a raw, stripped back country-flavored style. Of course, some Profane Saints material will be present and the shows will still be high energy , but with different sound and focus. We have twelve songs prepared for the next Profane Saints album "Roadside Revival" which will be waiting on the shelf for Bob's return. In addition, Mat’s working on ten more tunes he’s written in the past two months in the vein of his more recent solo material preparing for the follow up to "Plank Road Drag" We are always writing, always working, always recording it seems...and we are far from finished.

Never fear- this is NOT the end for the Profane Saints. As soon as everyone in the band is at 100% we'll continue to perform, write and record. For now, we're excited to know that many of you are enjoying what you've heard and will continue to grow with us on our journey ahead. We've got a good amount of acoustic shows coming up, hope to see you all at a gig real soon.

All the best...(can I get a hell yeah?!)

Mat D and the Profane Saints


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