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Updates on Mat's solo CD in the works

Mat finished up the initial vocal and guitar tracks a week ago, and wrapped up the last song with Kurt at the Production helm this evening. Can't wait to hear the end result!-should be cool. As soon as the bass guitar and sparse instrumentation are complete, we'll update the site with new clips and perhaps a free download or two. The songs completed for the solo CD titled "Gasoline Rattle" are: 1.Heart of Diesel 2.Midway Babylon 3.Damnation Line 4.Guilty Man's Gun 5.Bikini Bull Riding 6.Sweet Louise 7.Dead in New Orleans 8.Bound for Glory (remixed from 'Brand New Faith') 9.American Eulogy The album features a sparse acoustic guitar tracks with lead vocals and minimal harmonies. Most of what's left is some bass guitar that Kurt will be laying down to round out the sound. So far, even the raw tracks sound very cool...similar to recent releases by Kris Kristofferson and the American Recordings series by Johnny Cash in attitude and feel-all thrown together in a loose comfortable way that emulates a live performance with the benefits of the studio. All of the songs are originals, mostly new material. "Bikini..." and "Sweet Louise" are new recordings of material released on the out of print LP "Small Town Burning.." and "Dead in New Orleans" will appear on the upcoming LP from the Saints titled "Drive Thru Romance" in full on electrical form. We'll continue to keep you updated as things progress.


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